queen of my own decisions

idk anything tbh 
aqsa/muslim/bio major
medicine + fashion


like i really am so angry/stressed/hungry/upset

genetics quiz: done
lab report: almost done
genetics test: thursday
animal behavior readings: who tf knows when i’ll get to them 
resume for career guy: who tf knows when ill get to it 
orgo test: TOMORROW. 
animal behavior test: next thursday
animal behavior lab: thursday [still gotta do] 
genetics lab report: clearly failing since i haven’t even started it yet
makeup for club: still need to buy some things + do a prototype on me [and its  next tuesday] 

giving up now lmfao :’) 


Desi people call me beta but, come on, I’m an alpha.

I don’t know
whether to call her the devil
when she makes me pray hard
but sin even harder
(via miragesofmariam)

genetics assignment -done
genetics quiz -must study for
orgo lab report -must write [due tonight]
orgo exam II - tomorrow, study w/ salma tonight
animal behavior readings + maybe quiz tomorrow -do when you have time to breath 

im at that point in the semester where i dont have time to eat a proper breakfast [not that i ever did before] so i just ate a brownie

for breakfast 

Good luck! I’m in the same boat. :((

thank you lovely, and i hope that this semester goes well for you <3 

seven am and i have an assignment due that i didnt finish, a lab report due that i haven’t written, and a genetics quiz that i haven’t prepped for

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